Monday, August 22, 2016

Rejected Tweets

Thought the wrist twinge meant rain, stayed inside all day; this morning I can't move my hands.  #WHYgarterstitch

Why don't I work with cotton yarn more?  /forearms attempt to secede from body/  Oh yeah, now I remember.

Trying to knit and play Minesweeper at the same time-- almost dropped several stitches.  #timeforamovie

Is Color Me Beautiful legit?  Am I an Autumn?  Asking for a friend.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm Like the Katie Ledecky of Knitting least that's what my friends tell me.HA!

Ever since the opening ceremonies in Rio, I have been superglued to basically all Olympic coverage--
I'm a sucker for the summer games, and this year's swimming and gymnastics competitions have been especially stellar entertainment.  I've even watched some tandem kayaking.  It was cool.

When I left for my vacation in July, I brought this blanket as my only travel knitting:

It grew and grew, through train rides and car trips, until I returned home ready to start the decreases:

And lo, it has been my constant companion these many Olympic evenings: simple to enough to knit without watching the stitches, large enough to be an accomplishment when I finish...
eventually.  Soon?  Please?
Not pictured: the millionty ends I have already woven in
The Olympic half has 3x wider stripes, because sanity prevails.

* yes, Mama, I am quoting Mrs. Elton!  :)